Google Is Going Nuts

After rank brain with artificial intelligence to improve search with most relevant information from trusted sources showing up, its time for them to check if us, the users are satisfied with their search result or not.

Google is planning to convert mobile phone properties and touch capabilities to collect bio metric variables like eye moment, body temperature raise, blinking of eyes, heart beat evaluation with which they formulate a equation to give satisfaction score.

Seems like every thing is possible with AI and Google

Getting A Free Trial: Web Hosting

Once a website is up and running, it requires hosting on the internet. Web hosting is the service through which a website can be made accessible to millions of internet users via the World Wide Web. Web host is a company that provides website owners with server space in a data center along with internet connectivity.

Competition among the web hosting companies is cut throat. Various service providers have a wide range of offers designed to suit any type of user, be it an individual or an organization. Web hosting can be of two types: Free Web Hosting and Paid Web Hosting. Free web hosting can be used to host a website and use the various tools without having to pay any money to the web host. Paid services bill the user for using the server space.

Free Trial

Most web hosting companies provide a free trial before starting the billing process. Free trial ends after a certain duration and offers only a set of limited services. With free trial web hosting service, companies provide a lot of advantages for businesses looking to host their new website.

A free run is always advantageous for new website owners. Web pages can be created and worked on easily as the service is free. Apart from this, the website owner can experiment with the website as there are no charges for this. Once the website owner is well versed with the web host and its available features, s/he can go for the paid services. The paid services provide better and a wider variety of plans along with many advanced features.

With the free trial run, a website owner can test the site for flaws or necessary changes, which will be difficult in case of paid services. Free trial can help the owner to correct the flaws a website may develop, before going to the next level.

It is a possibility that the web host providing free trial may become the permanent choice of the website owner. This makes it even more important to understand all issues pertaining to hosting of the particular website and requirements of the website owner.

Points to check during Free Trial 

Some web hosts allow advertisements from the website owner. These add up to the earnings once traffic to the website increases. It must be made clear during the trial run.

The HTML editor provided by the web host must be simple and easy to use. It enhances the process of creating and publishing of web pages, also making it faster.

Customer support by the web host is a must, especially in the case of a new user. A good web host has a well equipped round the clock customer support which will be useful for a website owner in case a difficult situation arises. Online reviews provide the best judgment about the customer support of any web host.

Free trials provided by web hosts must be used responsibly for testing the launch of a website. There are many web hosting service providers with various plans to suit different users. Before choosing the web host it is thus, advisable to take the free trial and understand all aspects of hosting the website.

Should I rely on web hosting reviews at Cnet?

CNET is the latest invention made by the American media website that helps the customers by publishing news, blogs, articles and reviews based on all the technologies and other consumer electronics all around the globe. It helps in enriching your life by revealing to you what is new and what matters how the technology works. It also gives you all the necessary information, advices and other tools that are necessary to take decisions on what to buy and how to get the best benefit from out of the technology in your life. CNET was discovered in the year 1994 by Shelby Bonnie and Halsey Minor. Web hosting reviews CNET helps you to know more about various web hosting companies in detail.

Features of CNET:


  • You can get updates of the latest news about various technologies available in the market.
  • You can easily gain reviews about various products that are unbiased.
  • You can watch videos on various technologies and decide your choice of purchase accordingly.
  • You can gain lot of information on how to use a technology and thereby get the best out of it.
  • You can easily download various mobile applications, software and games too.
  • You can even post your opinions and suggestions on various products, technology and consumer products.


One of the main features of CNET is that it gives unbiased reviews about anything and everything. Thereby, the customers can very well trust and go ahead with their options on technology or electronic products along the opinions provided in the CNET. Web hosting reviews by CNET provides are 100% trust worthy and dependable. The best example for this statement is the following that CNET receives in various social networking sites. CNET has a large number of fan following in Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on.

What are the options provided by CNET?

CNET is available everywhere and you can easily get access to CNET through your computer or even with the help of a mobile phone. It is very easy to join the CNET group as you simply need to register your email in order to receive the newsletters and other articles. The membership is free of cost. CNET is a necessity for every single person in today’s world. Various options available under CNET are: –

  • Mobile and Apps: You can visit the CNET from anywhere with the help of a mobile phone. You can receive all the reviews, updates and other articles on any products and technologies with the help of mobile phone. You can even watch videos with a simple touch on your mobile phone. You can also use the TV applications in order to get CNET videos.
  • RSS: – Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is helpful for publishing videos, pictures and other reviews on the website in the standardized format. It is based on XML It is used to cover the whole story with the help of various links, descriptions and other headlines. This facility even makes it more interesting to use the CNET and attracts more users towards it. Therefore, it is undoubtedly stated fact that you can very well rely on CNET for getting reviews on web hosting.

What Is A Web Hosting Service?

If you are about to embark on starting a new business, you must already be aware of the importance of having your own website featuring the kind of business that you are dealing with in order to enhance online marketing. Online shopping has redefined the way people conduct business nowadays and losing out on attracting online buyers or letting more people know about your business by advertising about your business is a big mistake, if you are looking onto becoming successful in the future. This is where web hosting service comes in handy. Any aspiring businessman who has no clue about what a web hosting service is or what it actually does should find out its benefits right away.

Significance of web hosting service

If you have just invested in a startup company, there can be many reasons that make you apprehensive about hiring the services of a web hosting company, especially about spending money on something that you might seem of no need. However, demand for a web hosting service is growing by the day and their effectiveness in making even small businesses globally popular is being recognized all over the world. So what is a web hosting service capable of? Below are some listed benefits that have been proven to work wonders for businessmen:

  • The profit margin of your company can double to even triple depending on how good your business website is.
  • If your company is all about selling product, nothing guarantees maximum exposure for your business than an online store, efficiently designed by a web hosting service.
  • Handling everything, by yourself, is never a good idea. While you deal with the external pressures of making sure that your company is set up properly and everything is running smoothly, letting a professional group of experts’ design your website takes a huge load off your shoulders and ensures that you achieve the best results too.
  • While you might be knowledgeable about handling a business, you might not be well equipped to design a functional website and maintain the online traffic flow too. It is always better to leave that job in more capable hands, even if it costs you some extra money.

Types of web hosting

When you hire a web hosting company, do make sure that you specify what kind of web hosting you are looking for. Some of the web hosting may have a successful background of designing only certain kind of web hosting servers. There are mainly two kinds of web hosting packages:

  • Dedicated hosting: This is the “unshared” kind offering the client more bandwidth and hence a much stronger traffic flow. The type of hardware and its related technologies would be selected by you, hence giving you more control over your website. On the downside, it is comparatively more expensive than the rest.
  • Shared hosting: This is more suitable for people who do not have an in-depth knowledge about the internet. It allows a lesser bandwidth and hence is cheaper.

The bottom line is, there is no reason why one should not opt for web hosting services specially since they have so many advantages and they are affordable too!

Best rated web hosting isn’t always the best

As the title suggests, what always appears to the eyes is not true. All companies naturally will propagate all of their good and strong points and will try to leave out the negative points, or, even worse, try to plainly cover up for them. While choosing a web host, one must very prudently learn to see the unseen and read between the lines.

What is hosting:

best rated web hosting

Now, in very simple words, hosting means the storage of your files on the hosting company’s servers. Basically, the concept behind web hosting services is that not your personal computers are designed in such a way that it will be available to the world for viewing. All that these hosts do is to make their clients’ webpages available, visible and accessible on the World Wide Web.

There are a wide range of web hosts available today. A mere google search can turn up thousands of results. Though these are very lucrative and approachable mediums, one must realize that more often than not what is covered up in layers of features and offers is nothing but sham. It is true that there are some exceptions to this, but mostly there is a chance of being fake.

Why hosts are not as good as they appear to be:

Some reasons why the best rated web hosting isn’t necessarily can be as follows:

Many web hosts put up advertisements on one’s site. This is the central way for them to cover their costs. The most annoying of the lot is pop up advertisement. These can irritate the visitor to the core and make them leave your site, so one has to look out for that.

They should have a service level agreement which should very clearly explain what would happen when any problem arises and how the company will deal with it. It is just like the articles of partnership, where every situation and its remedy are stated. Not all customers look out for such features but these are important as maybe in a situation for crisis, one’s host may simply turn a blind eye to the problems. All the cream of web hosting companies should be checked for this.

Also the best of hosts may not give one the option to be able to monitor, install, upgrade and configure programs which immediately makes it lesser attractive. It may also not give the option to add sites, deal with potential hacks and troubleshoot programs.

There can be many other problems with such star studded companies. For instance, the packages may start choking as soon as the money back guarantee expires, account of clients can be modified without any notice to them, services may slow down as the 1st month ends, the cPanel may have negligible support for languages apart from English which again is a main issue, and the most horrendous is the fact that the sites may simply stop functioning due to database errors.

Hence, it is best to stay on the safe side and conduct thorough research before opting for anything.

Are Raspberry Ketones Really Helpful Or A Myth?

It is really amazing to how what a celebrity with his power can do. Most of you know about Dr. Mehmet Oz, yes he is the same man who once came out with a supplement for weight loss which had done wonders few years back. Now the doctor has come up with another super food which is raspberry ketone. The supplements of this fruit are gaining a lot of popularity in UK not just for being delicious in taste, but for being great substances for losing weight. When such claims come out in public from natural supplements, a lot of critics and advocates come over with shots in their hand.

Who is right? Is the doctor right or the critics? Is the supplement made from raspberry ketones is simply useful for weight loss. Before getting the answers to these questions, let us know what it actually is. There are a lot of berries one can come across, among which raspberries are the super foods. The fruit is pretty expensive and so only less quantity of it is included in the weight loss supplements. Ketones in the fruit make it unique and give a soft scent as well. This is the reason why a lot of cosmetics and perfumes in UK make use of the ingredient. In addition, they are used as catalyst agent in weight loss supplements.

Myths related to the raspberry ketones

  1. Anyone who takes raspberry ketones can lose weight

The manufacturers of the supplement make the above claim depending on the tests. However, the weight loss though is helpful through the supplements but also needs many other things in combination. For instance, if you are taking the supplements along with high calorie food, then you are not going to experience weight loss. The person who regularly takes the supplement must involve in workouts and consume balanced low calorie diet. Only then the changes can occur in the body.

  1. As per lab tests, it breaks down the fat of the body

The above mentioned claim is actually true; the tests were done on rats and mice. When the raspberry ketones were given in high volumes, it led to adiponectin secretion which is a hormone to break down the fat. The rats on which the experiment was done were less fatty ones. They were given high fat food and also ketones. And the result was burning of fat and less fat gain.

  1. It is easily available in stores

Although it is possible to purchase raspberry ketones from drug stores of UK, but not every local stores sell it. Also, buyers should make sure to purchase the supplement by carefully looking at the labels. They should be tightly packed and the label should have a stamp from FDA.

So, make sure you find a drug store which is reliable and does not sell fake products. Don’t take high dosages of the supplements; take what is prescribed to you or what is written on the label. Do consume healthy and balanced diet.